Purpose: A mobile application for clerks of stores with sportswear that help them learn, develop new skills and build friendly relation with the company.

Concept: We propose to engage employers in training of their alter ego player. The player has seven superpowers and may specialize in one or be a generalist (an employee development path). To have more power the player must regularly train, eat and relax to meet the needs (key employer’s competences).

Skill set:

  • human-centered design
  • empathy and user research
  • gamification and engagement
  • key use cases
  • user interface and interactions design
  • trends in mobile apps

Design process and tools:

  1. Ideation (brainstorm, user research)
  2. Use cases and (interaction flows, whiteboard)
  3. First wireframes design (sketches)
  4. Mockups design (Axure RP, Photoshop)
  5. Interactive prototype (Marvel App)


See interactive prototype


My Player - Level
My Player – Level


Gallery with sample mockups




Date: 2015


  • Axure RP, Photoshop, Marvel
  • images from flickr and from a client website