My goal was to design an engagement platform to build a stronger loyalty of customers of AirAsia Airlines.

1. Inspiration phase - insights, researches and benchmark:

    • people need a visualization of possible destinations
    • people are more engaged when interact with friends
  • people are more willing to check-in when get rewards
  • user interface must be consistent to BIG Loyalty Programme by AirAsia
  • interaction with airlines can be more frequent and regular when e-services are more social and support engagement
  • loyalty programs in airlines is no longer only miles flown

2. Ideation phase - challenges to solve and HMW:

  • visualization of possible destinations
  • visualization of visited destinations
  • virtual rewards for flights
  • user flows for check-ins
  • integrated interface of current loyalty system with new engagement platform
  • user flows for social sharing
  • using social engagement loop
  • KPIs and statistics interesting for users

3. Design:

  • wireframes and mockups
  • use cases
  • user flows
  • integration of current visual design of loyalty program with mockups of new engagement platform



  • Axure RP
  • used trademarks, logos, images etc. belongs to AirAsia

Date: 2014