The mobile application (iOS) for COMARCH SA (by SoInteractive, 2013)

The goal: Outsourcing of UX Designer’s services for Comarch SA, one of the biggest IT company in Poland. My role embraced all UX Design services according to a mobile application called Mobile Sales Force.

Comarch Mobile Sales Force is a comprehensive solution for sales representatives. It supports everyday work of field employees as well as streamlines and automatizes processes. Thanks to Mobile SFA you can:

  • manage the schedule and sales meetings
  • set and optimize the route of field visits
  • accomplish visits according to the previously prepared scenario
  • manage „to do” list for your employees
  • present a products catalog
  • make orders.

Furthermore, data gathered form the application helps managers, who can know where are their sales people, how many visits are completed and how many tasks are done.

Examples of my work


During the project I spent a lot of time for analysis (target group, use cases, context of use, etc.). It’s helped me effectively and efficiently prepare the map of the system and UI wireframes. Examples of my deliverables:

  • map of the system with the features and relations between them to visualize the navigation
  • tasks flows for key use cases
  • UI wireframes for smartphone and tablet viewports
  • documentation and examples of interactions.


I was responsible for all UX Design work and was the first point of contact with Product Manager. Based on my wireframes, a visual designer prepared graphics. In the result Comarch SA has developed in house mobile app, which is advanced and complexed system, but easy and friendly to use on mobile devices.



In 2014, the Comarch’s Mobile SFA received the award for the most innovative solution in its class and INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2014 prize.

Comarch SFA solutions have also been recognized in the Gartner Market Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry. Comarch SFA has appeared in the Gartner report for the second time. In 2015, Comarch SFA solutions were recognized as exceptionally fast developing and with great potential to soon match global suppliers of Sales Force Automation solutions. According to Gartner, Comarch SFA services deserve special attention due to user experience, handling processes related to the visit of a representative at the point of sale and placing an order in which the mobile application has a large share.

My cooperation with Comarch SFA did not only end with the design of the mobile application, but was continued in the same year. The Comarch marketing department collaborated with me to refresh the website dedicated to Comarch SFA solutions:, which also ended with a successful implementation.

The best confirmation of successes, is the fact of the growing number of customers interested in Comarch SFA solutions. Sample companies that use the Comarch Mobile Sales Force App: Diageo, Colgate-Palmolive, Agros-Nova, Wawel, Navo, Barlinek and many more.